Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Harry Potter Collection

Harry Potter Month is hosted by Faith at Geeky Zoo Girl and Micheline at Lunar Rainbows Reviews. The event runs throughout the month of July in honor of The Boy Who Lived's birthday. You can find out more about it here.

I've wanted to do a post which showed the fruit of my HP obsession for a while now. Harry Potter Month seems like the perfect time to showcase all the HP stuff I've collected over the years. I am also really proud of the fact that most of these items I found at yardsales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc. I'm not posting a picture of my books because they look the same as every traditional Scholastic HP books.

The booklet at the top is a crazy cool planner/notepad/address book that was made for the year 2003. The Chocolate Frog pin actually opens up and has a inedible chocolate frog that smells like chocolate (YUM!). My Deathly Hallows Necklace, a HP ornament, and a stamp booklet (they're still selling them at post offices in the US).

I felt kind of dorky buying these, but I couldn't help myself. And yes, I have worn the big backpack to a college class before. 

 My sister bought me the bookmark and posterbook and I am eternally grateful to her for them. I haven't used either of the journals yet, but I'll figure something out.   

 The trivia game is pretty awesome but I never got the chance to play HP Clue because it's missing the Vanishing Cabinet card. I know, I find it ironic also.

 These were part of my Luna Lovegood costume that I wore to the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 midnight showing. The bag I found later and has no HP connection other than the fact that I thought that's what Hermione's beaded bag should look like.

 I finally finished my collection of hats this year! I was so proud of myself when I finished the Gryffindor hat because IT ACTUALLY RESEMBLED A HAT, despite being too big. I thought, here's something I can do better than Hermione :) (pattern here)
The scarf was made by an awesome friend of mine <3

 The binder I bought for $2 at a yardsale and contains someone's collection of articles related to HP and goes back as far at the PoA movie. I'm also in love with that pop-up book.

 A T-shirt, a misspelled Syltherin(e) picture frame that I made, a crochet Buckbeak (pattern here), and what was supposed to be the Sorting Hat (pattern here).

Here's a collection of my HP related books.

 So, there it is. I'm hoping to one day have a bookshelf that I can devote just to my HP books and all the random things I've collected and made. Until that happens, I'll continue to add to my collection.


  1. Oh my goodness Christina!! You have a fantastic collection - I especially like the really old school items and all the things you made yourself!!

  2. Your HP collection is totally awesome! I LOVE the knitted hats- congratulations on completing your collection! And the crochet Buckbeak is so cute! I know how to knit, but I really, really want to learn how to crochet, too, because there are so many neat patterns available that are for crochet only.

  3. I love it! The sorting hat is so cute :D I have always wanted the Harry Potter Clue game. My son and I enjoy playing Clue together a lot. It's hilarious to me that it's the vanishing cabinet card missing! That's priceless.

  4. You have quite the collection there! The crocheted and knitted things are really impressive. I've been trying to learn to crochet for a long time now, and the Buckbeak is adorable. I might have to pick it up again. I love that trivia game, it's always to fun to see how much I remember about the first book. :D

  5. Oh WOW, your HP collection is GORGEOUS! I love the DH necklace, the backpacks, which I TOTALLY would have worn regardless of how nerdy they made me look XD I LOL-ed at your comment about the missing Vanishing Cabinet Card, could you make a homemade one and play that way? Oh and your homemade crocheted stuff is AMAZING, the Sorting Hat, the House hats and Buckbeak ♥♥ Thanks for sharing these!!!

  6. Oh wow, that's quite an impressive collection! You are the ultimate HP fangirl - I bow down to you. I hope your collection grows even larger as the years go on! Are you planning on getting the newly printed HP boxed set (if you don't have it already)? I'm thinking of asking for it as a Christmas present or something since I have books 1-6 in a boxed set and the seventh just sitting all by itself.

    1. I am sooooooooo tempted. I think the new scholastic covers are beautiful! I was thinking about asking for them for Christmas, but then I saw the illustrated edition of Sorcerer's Stone and I know I definitely want that. I also have the problem of being very cheap and the idea of paying for the same books with different cover art is hard for me to contemplate... but because it is HP I do :D

  7. You have such an awesome collection Christina *_* That's a whole new level of fangirling there :)