Monday, August 31, 2015

[Re]Reading Along The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder

            This month was the beginning of the Lunar Chronicles [Re]Read Along #TLCReadAlong hosted by BookAddictsGuide. I was so excited that someone hosted this because I was thinking of reading a book a month leading up to the release of Winter, but I am a terrible self-motivator and this is so much more fun. It was also doubly awesome that I got to read Cinder this month because we read it for our last book club of the summer. I even made pumpkin breadlettes for the occasion. The only downside was that Christina and I only had a week to read it and we were sharing one copy of the book (we loaned out her copy). We passed the book back and forth the whole week with her sometimes toting it to work in a biblecase (Hey, it’s a nice copy).

            This is my third time reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer so I thought I’d post some of my favorite things about it.

IKO – You can’t beat Iko. This little android had so much life in her she’s the best character of the book!

FLIRTING – I absolutely love the flirting between Cinder and Kai. You know they are attracted to each other but it’s not instalove because while they do like each other they both know there are way too many obstacles for them to be together. Faster than a slow burn but not quite instalove. I find them more adorable every time I read the book!

PUMPKIN – I can’t be quite sure that I never noticed it before and just forgot, but I was so excited when I discovered that Cinder’s car was an old, orange VW Bug! It’s totally perfect and fits so well as “Cinderella’s Pumpkin!” I really couldn’t stop talking about it, I loved the visual so much!

            Scarlet is the next book in the [Re]Read Along and I can’t wait! It’s so hard to only read one book a month instead of all at once, but I think I like it better this way. It prolongs the enjoyment of the Lunar Chronicles and hopefully I won’t forget as many details when I finally get to Winter.


  1. HAHA oh my gosh, I never picked up on the orange = pumpkin!!! How funny. That's excellent -- thank you for sharing that!
    I totally agree. I wasn't a huge Kai fan on my first read but I totally loved him on my re-read!! I think I just needed to get to know him a little better :D
    So glad you joined the read along!!

  2. Arrgh still haven't read the Lunar Chronicles! I seriously don't know what's wrong with me but somehow I keep forgetting to pick up a copy of any of the books whenever I'm in a bookstore! It's like something out there doesn't want me to read them.... I will persevere however and your favourite things only make me want to read it more! Thanks for the post!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. Oh Iko is definitely my favourite. She's just so sassy! I read the Lunar Chronicles just recently so I'm not participating in the read along (also my TBR i a bit overwhelming at the moment so no readalongs planned).