Thursday, July 21, 2016

HP MotW (12): HP Lunch Budies

Harry Potter Moment of the Week
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This Weeks Question: You can have lunch with 3 characters from the series, Who are they and why?

This question is so hard! I think I would like to have lunch with the Silver Trio: Luna, Neville, and Ginny. Luna would be such an interesting person to talk to and there would never be a boring moment. And who doesn't love Neville?! He's just the sweetest person and I'm sure we would get along fine. Ginny is the type of person who gets along well with everyone. She's a people person and would keep the conversation lively and loud. I not only love all of these characters, they also get along really well together. I love their friendship and it would be great to be a part of their group for a little while.


  1. NICE. The Silver Trio, I'd enjoy this lunch a lot too!! Ginny and Luna are two of my favorite girls and like you said: who DOESN'T love Neville :D I adore their friendship with one another and I just love how they became a part of the golden trip ♥

  2. Neville! He was nearly a part of my lunch; I love him so much! The three of them would be awesome though, they could talk about the havoc they caused in Ginny and Luna's 6th year. This is such a great lunch!

  3. Oooh, I love that you picked Neville! I have high hopes for that boy. And he's such a sweetheart, too. ^_^

  4. I love your reasoning here. Luna is my favorite so I would adore getting to lunch with her. Ginny is a favorite of mine as well and like you said, she is good and getting along with people. Neville would be a fun addition. Like you said he's just so sweet and the other two get along with him so well. Yes, this would be fun and not possibly boring :D

  5. This would be such a great lunch trio! They're already all good friends, and it would be so much fun to listen to them reminisce about all of their adventures together.