Thursday, July 7, 2016

HP MoTW (10): How Long Would You Attend Hogwarts

Harry Potter Moment of the Week
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Question of the Week: Would you finish your studies at Hogwarts in your 5th year, or would you go on until the 7th year?

I'm not quite sure I understand the question, could students dropout after 5th year? Or is it referring to students returning to Hogwarts after the end of Voldemort's tyranny? Either way, as a person who is currently planning on going to muggle grad school, I'd definitely continue attending school for as long as possible. As many subjects as there are at Hogwarts, I would always feel like there's so much that I haven't learned yet. I'm kind of a Hermione like that.



  1. Oh sorry if this wasn't clear - yes in the books it says that student can finish at Hogwarts after 5 years OR get a sort of 'advanced degree' by finishing up 7 years. And I agree with you completely. I would want to take ALL the classes available to me, no matter how long it took :D

  2. I'd want to keep going as long as I can as well. I would definitely want to check out all the classes! I was a little confused at first on seeing the question, but then remembered that some of the jobs don't require the N.E.W.T. testing. Also, if you don't get good enough O.W.L.s then you can't be in those classes anyway.

  3. I've always loved learning, and I wouldn't dream of leaving a school like Hogwarts early, lol. There's too much to learn, and even 7 years probably wouldn't be enough time to explore the Hogwarts library!

  4. I'm right there with you. I'd be a student forever if I could afford it. I think a lot of people Hermione's when it comes to Hogwarts! I'm glad to see that you're one of them as well!