Sunday, July 24, 2016

Things I Can't Wait to See in the Upcoming HP Illustrated Editions

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As I said in Thoughts About the Harry Potter Illustrated Edition, it took me some time to get used to the new visual look at the HP world and characters but now I'm in love with the art work. The artists style is really dark and shadowy, while at other times it is filled with vibrant colors I'm really excited to see the future books and the scenes and characters envisioned inside them. After some thought, here are some of the characters and places that I'm most excited to see in the new illustrated editions.

The Chamber of Secrets: The artist does shadowy/creepy scenes really well. I can't wait to see what he does with the Chamber of Secrets.
The Marauders: It always annoyed me a little that in the movies the Marauders were played by actors much older than their characters were supposed to be, but since the actors were so amazing I couldn't complain too much. Still, it would be interesting to see them reimagined.
Thestrals: Beautiful creepiness.
Dementors: More creepiness.
The Department of Mysteries: Mysterious and creepy labyrinth filled with magical things. 
Room of Requirements: So much clutter and interesting stuff to see.
Grimmauld Place: Dark, mysterious, magical, dangerous, chaotic. What's not to love?
Knockturn Alley: More creepy awesomeness.
Rita Skeeter: She's such a flamboyant and extreme character. It would be fun to see her reimagined.
Luna Lovegood: Pretty much for the same reasons.
The Yule Ball: The set in the movie really was visually amazing and it would be interesting to see what the artist does with it.
The Lake: I imagine that it would be cool to see under the water in GoF
Slytherin Common Room: I don't know if this will be included in the CoS illustrated, but I really hope so. There's so much to see in a common room and so many details that could be snuck in. And it would just be really cool to see my common room.
The Ceiling in Luna's Room: This is one of the most beautiful things in DH and I really wish that it would have been in the movie, but I don't think it would have had the same impact as it does in the books. That is why I really hope that it makes it in the pages of the DH illustrated. 

What things do you most want to see illustrated in the new Harry Potter editions?



  1. Seeing the Marauders in their youth in the illustrated editions will be hard to beat, I agree! I adore the Thestrals so I'm biased there ♥ The Department of Mysteries and Room of Requirement are both locations that have TONS of potential! I honestly want to explore ALL of the Common Rooms more though, they all have such beauty and wonder to them!! And YES: LUNA!! :D

  2. I hope these are all in the illustrated editions, but more than anything I hope Luna's Room will be in it! I LOVED reading about that and was so sad that image wasn't in the movie. I mean how amazing would that have been! It's so touching and beautiful and I can imagine it so well, but I'd love to see it highlighted in the illustrated book!! The Room of Requirement would be like a Where's Waldo or I Spy picture, I hope that's included as well. :)

  3. I like the Slytherin common room in the Lego HP game. I think it's neat that we get to see the Ravenclaw one too. I am with you, getting to see any one of these will be fantastic and so much fun from a different person's perspective. The Department of Mysteries we really didn't see in the film so that one is a wonderful one! I could probably check out the Room of Requirement for days there is so much that could be in the picture.

  4. I want to see The Burrow in all its tiny quirky details. I also want to see how the characters will be changing from book to book as they grow older. How will Ginny look? Molly? Lily? DADA classroom and its forever changing professors? Ah... so many things, really! But I try not to expect too much because I don't want to be disappointed if some of the things that I really want to see will not be included there.

  5. I love the Marauders, and I may have to start picking up the illustrated editions just to see the artists' rendition of them. I'd also be curious about the tale of the three brothers. I absolutely loved the way the story was animated in the DH1 film!