Friday, August 15, 2014

A Sisterly Argument: Half-Bloods vs. Wizards

Our totally random and completely crazy argument on who would win in a fight. Half-Bloods (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) or Wizards (Harry Potter). This is actually a real conversation between us... sadly enough.

C: As much as I love Half-Bloods, I still think wizards would win.

S: What if they had home field advantage, like near the ocean? You’d have Percy Jackson who could drown them.

C: Nope, I still think wizards would win. They can put up magical shields to protect themselves and they’re pretty fast on the draw. On another note, I object! There shouldn’t be a home field advantage, if it doesn’t take place at Hogwarts it shouldn’t be near the ocean. I vote an empty field.

S: Even without a home field advantage you’d still have Thalia who can use lightning, Clarisse who has the electrical spear, and Nico can raise the dead to fight.

C: But if Camp Half-Blood and Hogwarts are in the same world then Nico’s undead are probably inferi and wizards can fight those easily with fire. (On a side note am I being sexist by calling all magical people wizards?)

S:… but wizards won’t use the killing curse, so they’d never truly defeat the Half-Bloods.

C: I didn’t say Camp Half-Blood was fighting good wizards :)



S: But the wizards power, good and bad, is tied to their wand. If they lose their wand then they lose their magical power, unlike the half-bloods. The Satyrs could use their earth magic to snatch up the wooden wands and leave the wizards powerless and completely at the half-bloods mercy.

C: Crap… But that’s only if they can get past their shields, otherwise wizards can fight long distance. Plus, I would like to see a Satyr take a wizards wand while being stabbed in the hooves by a house elf. This is half-bloods vs. wizards and if you can break the rules then so can I!

S: Okay, forget the satyrs and house elves. But Nico’s boys can still pull the wizards into the earth and then, when they are stunned, Hermes kids are there ready to snatch their wands, beards, and dress—*cough*—I mean robes.

C: You play dirty, Sis! If they’re stuck in the ground than so are their arms and wands. In which case when Hermes kids come to steal from them they can head butt them! My wizards are British! (We have no idea where she came up with

S: But then they would have a headache and thus to injured to think of another defense while the Half-Bloods only have sore shins. I win! :)

C: The wizards can cast a silent healing spell underground which hit’s they toes and heals their headache while the Half-Bloods still have sore shins… this is just getting ridiculous.

S: You’re right. I have a response of course but I’ll let the wizards off. They look so cute stuck in the ground like gnomes.

C: Screw you, and your little Half-Bloods too!

S: Love you too, Sis. ;)

C: You smug %&$@! ;)

Anyway… who do you think would win Wizards vs. Half-Bloods? Please leave a comment! 

P.S. Sadly, this conversation actually went on a lot longer than this.


  1. Hahaha when I saw the title of the post, my first thought was "wizards!", and your sister's arguments just prove my point (did you really have a comeback at the end or was that just an excuse lol?). I'll have to agree with your sister on this one, Sarah. Haha. OMG I can't stop laughing! :'D Great post!

    1. You chose the right side, and by right side I mean the winning side :D
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Although towards the end there even I have to admit that the intelligence of the arguments were deteriorating. But that's part of the fun ;)

    2. *shakes head* Half-Bloods get no Really, I DID have a comeback..... I just can't remember it. ;)

  2. Hi, Sarah and Christina!
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  3. can I pick?! CAN I BE ON BOTH SIDES?!! I haven't read enough Percy Jackson to properly decide I think. *backs out ungracefully* But seriously...wiiiizards.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Lol, we'll I guess you can choose both side. Really though, you really need to read Percy Jackson! It's one of my favorite series!

  4. Haha! This is a serious conversation guys! I can't pick, it's hard, and mean. WHY WOULD YOU PICK? :( Convincing arguments on both sides, and I'd love to say Wizards, I would. I seriously want to. BUT, yeah, I do think the Half-Bloods have more of a nature advantage (sorry). I'd want Wizards to win though. ;) Great (argument) discussion! ;)

    1. Thank you! I least I get one semi-vote for Half-Bloods!lol Cause I mean seriously right? They DO have more of a nature advantage and they train to fight.
      The funny thing is, we've had this conversation multiple