Thursday, June 12, 2014

Greetings and Salutations Book World!

The Older Sister: Hi, I’m Sarah. I’ve always loved reading and have just graduated with a Bachelors in English-Creative Writing and a minor in history.
I primarily read YA (dystopian, fantasy, paranormal, historical, mystery/action/suspense, pretty much anything but regular contemporary since I was homeschooled and have a hard time relating to the highschool experience), classics (I’m a huge Jane Austen fan), and the occasional adult book (mainly from the Stephanie Plum series). If it’s being made into a movie I try to read it first.
Right now my favorite series is The Hunger Games, favorite classic Pride and Prejudice, favorite book movie Catching Fire.

The Younger Sister: Hi, I’m Christina. I did not always love reading, but after a decade of delay it has become my passion and I am currently working on getting a Bachelors in Literature.
The first books that I truly fell in love with were Saddle Club and Thoroughbred series. After becoming addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer I discovered a love for reading books that are out of this world, and that’s the type that I’ve been reading ever since. I mostly read YA Fantasy/Paranormal, but I also love Dystopian and Sci-fi books, and reading classic (usually British) novels whenever I make the time for it.
My favorite series (forever) is Harry Potter, favorite classic is Pride and Prejudice, and my favorite book movie is Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

About the Blog: Between Bookends is a blog that will focus primarily on taking a deeper look at the books and genres that we love. We will write post on different topics that come up in the book world, our own studies on books, worlds, characters, and scenes, and write book reviews. Although this is a book blog it is probable that posts or reviews on things such as movies, tv shows, and folklore will appear. This blog is about my sister and I being nerdy and studying, and learning from, the books that we love.

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  1. HI! Excited to keep up with your blog!! And Sarah...You KNOW Jane Eyre is better than Pride and Prejudice! Love you!!