Saturday, July 19, 2014

Haven Season 1 (TV Show)

          Sarah discovered this show and was hooked, she got four episodes in before I started watching it. I got hooked during the first scene when the main character's boss picks up one her books and remarks that he didn't think she was into the teen vampire books. Yesterday I showed Haven to a friend of mine and she got hooked within the first 15 minutes.

          Haven looks like your typical small town, but when FBI Agent Audrey Parker gets sent there to track down an escaped convict she discovers that there is more to Haven than meets the eye. People are suddenly getting the ability to do strange and impossible things, they call it the Troubles. This isn't the first time the Troubles have happened in Haven, nor will it be the last.

          Audrey likes supernatural books and strange cases. She'll rule out any normal explanations quickly before looking for the abnormal. She's a sarcastic and easy to like character, which is what makes the show so addicting right from the start. Her partner, Nathan, takes a little more time to warm up to, but he balances Audrey by being slightly reluctant to except the strange things going on, and is the more serious side of the partnership. And then there is Duke (he's Sarah's favorite). He's the usual annoying, lovable, slightly criminal, jackass sort of character that most shows have to have. He's a reoccurring character throughout the first season who shows up usually because he's in trouble or knows the person who is.

          Throughout the first season it paints a picture of what the Troubles are, but it doesn't given an explanation as to why they happen. I imagine that they'll probably deal with that later in the show. Towards the end of the season they also bring up a few things that they'll have to address in the next season.

          I like to compare this show to Supernatural or Fringe because it's fairly episodic and deals with strange/impossible things that go on in Haven. The main difference between those shows and Haven is that they figure out the problem and kill whoever is causing it, in Haven Audrey and Nathan try to help the Troubled people who usually don't understand their powers. That is what makes this series different in a world of detective and monster shows.



  1. AHHHHHHHHHH, I'm freaking obsessed with Haven. You have a lot of crazy ahead of you (trust me, season one is great and all, but damn things get better). Elizabeth had gotten me addicted to Once Upon a Time, so after that I was looking for something to fill the void it left after I finished the 3 seasons, and then found Haven, and yesssssss. So, you know, in turn, I got her to watch it, because it's only fair. ;)

    I didn't get hooked straight away, I got into it buy it wasn't until Audrey's Birthday episode that I was all NEED MORE. NOW. Because I love that kind of twists to things. The twist with Audrey/Lucy, get's a whole lot crazier and just perfect, and as much as I love Audrey (I mean, you have to right?) Hands down, Dukes my favourite, he just gets so adorable and funny, it's ridiculous.

    It is totally different from everything else, and ugh, I just heart the show. ;) I'm following you guys on twitter, tweet me as you go along, I don't know many people who watch it, so love talking about it to people that do. :D

    1. Audrey's birthday was such a great episode. I've seen other shows that use that creepy trapped on an island premise and they're always fun :)

      UGH, I cannot wait to watch more of the show! We watched the first season on the net, but we're waiting for the second season to come in at the library (1 more week) so we can marathon it on the TV. Also so it doesn't distract Sarah from

      I heard that the 5th season coming up is going to be their last, but that they ordered 26 episodes! But I got that from Wiki and I don't know how reliable that is. I'm too afraid to google Haven in case I come across spoilers.

      I'll totally keep you updated on twitter :D